Vaginal Pain During Pregnancy Might Mean that the End is Near

Pregnancy means that every day, something new is happening to your body. Unfortunately many women find they are dealing with pain that they may have never experienced before. For the first time mother, the pain that she will experience vaginally throughout her pregnancy is something that she is going to have to go through to truly understand. The vaginal pain that women speak of is usually something that does not occur until she is closer to delivery. This occurs as her body is getting ready to give birth. Most of the time this is related to the pressure that she is feeling in her vaginal area. This pressure can be a burning sensation, while other women simply say as though it feels that their vaginal area is stretching and pulling. Usually, whenever the woman starts to feel pressure in this area, they are going to find that they are starting to efface and dilate.

Or, in other words, you’re in the final weeks of your pregnancy.

How can I get rid of vaginal pain?

Laying down helps stop vaginal pain during pregnancyVaginal pain can be lessened a bit through a few exercises that the woman can do. However, she will find that lying down can be one of the best ways to relieve this pressure.

In fact, women that start having vaginal pain before their due date are often told to take it easy since this could mean that she goes into labor earlier than what she wants to do. Lying down can help to relieve some of the pressure since she is not going to feel the entire amount of the child and uterus on her lower regions. However, she should always lie on her side to avoid the baby become distressed from cutting off the umbilical cord supply to the baby. Other women find that sitting with their legs spread open is a great way to relieve the pain that she feels. This is why most women once they get further along in their pregnancy are actually waddling when they walk and when they sit down it is harder to have their legs close together.

What should I do when I have vaginal pain during my pregnancy?

Any pregnant woman that has vaginal pain should let their doctor know. They will find that this could be the start of labor and their doctor will want to check them for this. The good news is that most women who start to have vaginal pain are close to the end of their pregnancy and about to have their child with them in the world. It is simply a part of being pregnant and this is just one of the motherhood trials that she will go through.

How long does vaginal pain last?

Once the woman has the baby, the vaginal pain will decrease over time and in a few weeks; she will find that she feels somewhat back to normal. Of course, after pregnancy there is vaginal pain, especially for those that decide to go with a vaginal delivery. This will pain can be treated through pain killers though, so the woman does not have to feel it as much. However, the two pains are totally different in how they feel for the woman. The woman should always keep in the back of her mind that this pain is worth it since it means she is getting closer to having her little bundle of joy.

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